A music-intensive fitness event.

The RockSweat experience will take place in legendary live-music venues featuring a booming sound system, club lights, a live DJ, and visuals. 

Approximately 50 fans will sweat it out together with high-intensity interval training.

RockSweat fitness is a new category with signature content. Our program will not ‘replace’ yoga, pilates, running, spin, or gym memberships, we love that sh*t. Our weekly event will elevate fitness freaks to rock star status.

Live at The Roxy Theatre in LA. Click here for more info.

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Introducing RockSweat Fitness

I remember the first time I experienced live music. Raw, real, and so invigorating -- I never wanted that buzz to fade.  So, when it was time to “grow up” I made my home the music business… still in it, still love it.

A few years ago I realized something was missing– a daily sweat.  I NEED it. Running, pilates, spin, yoga, bootcamp, gym classes, etc.  I love it all. 

I saw the opportunity to marry my two addictions (music + fitness), that’s RockSweat. A weekly music-intensive fitness event.

Our hosts and live DJ will guide fans through a 45 minute sweat-fest featuring exclusive moves, High Impact Interval Training and some Yoga too-- all set to a truly  unique and always kick-ass music mix.  Our fully produced event will include club lights, a booming sound system and the RockSweat aesthetic. 

RockSweat will take place every Saturday morning at the legendary Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles, starting October 4. 

I’d love you to join us!  Sign up here & listen to our first playlist.

Music Fan + Fitness Freak + Founder RockSweat fitness,

— Evan

 Photo:  Jason Flynn

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