A music-intensive fitness event.

The RockSweat experience will take place in legendary live-music venues featuring a booming sound system, club lights, a live DJ, and visuals. 

Approximately 50 fans will sweat it out together with high-intensity interval training.

RockSweat fitness is a new category with signature content. Our program will not ‘replace’ yoga, pilates, running, spin, or gym memberships, we love that sh*t. Our weekly event will elevate fitness freaks to rock star status.

Live at The Roxy Theatre in LA. Click here for more info.

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We're Not Your Typical Fitness Class

 Live from my DJ spot on stage

Live from my DJ spot on stage

RockSweat is a fully produced show. Every show is unique  new moves, new songs. Like most great artists, we like to change it up  keep it fresh. For each show Birdy creates a playlist of moves that will leave you soaking wet — heart pounding, and every muscle ‘feeling it’. From there, I curate the music playlist and tie the right songs to the moves. Cardio calls for big songs, strength works well with all sorts of tempo’s and styles, and yoga — I always have a blast programming for that section. Once our lists come together, we collaborate, tweak it a ton, and most importantly, we make sure its a blast. The final test comes after a full run through. We must be sore the next day to ensure its hard enough!

We love creating the show, every step is fun for us. But my favorite part is talking to everyone who experiences RockSweat for the first time, right after the show at The Roxy. Having that chat while we are all wet and buzzed, lights dim and music still pumping, the pure joy in the room is contagious. 

Hope to see you at The Roxy on March 21st. In the meantime, check out the tunes from the last show (Some of the live tracks won’t be available thru Spotify, sorry!) What's missing? Live Nirvana, Pink Floyd, and ACDC, and Jay-Z doing '99 Problems' with Pearl Jam.

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