A music-intensive fitness event.

The RockSweat experience will take place in legendary live-music venues featuring a booming sound system, club lights, a live DJ, and visuals. 

Approximately 50 fans will sweat it out together with high-intensity interval training.

RockSweat fitness is a new category with signature content. Our program will not ‘replace’ yoga, pilates, running, spin, or gym memberships, we love that sh*t. Our weekly event will elevate fitness freaks to rock star status.

Live at The Roxy Theatre in LA. Click here for more info.

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The Los Angeles Times: At the Roxy: RockSweat Fitness, where the spotlight is on a workout class

It’s meant to be our party, and participants were called up to the stage to help lead some of the exercises. Everyone was encouraged to be moved by the music. “Let’s see who’s got the best moves,” Harrison said.
— Mary MacVean, The Los Angeles Times, 05.18.2015 A new way to sweat: RockSweat Fitness

"This high intensity workout is catching a lot of attention by offering fitness enthusiasts and music lovers a new way to sweat. "

— Nadia Murdock,, 01.28.15

Read the full the interview with RockSweat husband and wife duo Evan & Diane here.

CBS Los Angeles: Best Outings For Groups In Los Angeles

"Are you and your friends often torn between the decision to work out or go out? Thanks to RockSweat, you can now do both at the same time. ... Playlists span all genres and decades too, with everything from Rolling Stones, Tiesto, Madonna, Tupac, Ed Sheeran, and beyond. It won’t replace your normal workout routine, but it’s a sure bet to be more fun."

—Joy Bitonio, CBS Los Angeles, 01.22.15

The Valentine RD: The Tuesday Tune Up

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 9.26.42 PM.png
"This week it’s the coolest group fitness class to hit Los Angeles: RockSweat Fitness. ... Music + Fitness + The (legendary) Roxy Theatre on the Sunset Strip = OH HELL YES! ... RockSweat isn’t just a workout in a concert venue, it’s a full-on experience.  We’re talking club lighting, videos and a DJ with a sound system that accompanies a sweat session.  This is not your general run-of-the-mill playlist from an iPhone kind of workout. It’s not every day that you get to do burpees on the floor where legendary artists like everyone from Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen, Peter Gabriel, Prince and even Duran Duran have been. "

—Melissa Burton, Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator, The Valentine RD, 01.13.15

Racked Los Angeles: RockSweat's Fitness Dance Party

"Keep your new year's resolution by waking up early this Saturday morning and making your way to RockSweat at The Roxy Theatre (9009 Sunset Blvd.). ... Attendees will reap the benefits of a full body workout with dance cardio, Pilates, yoga, and more. Basically, it's like one big party."

— Jessica Estrada, Racked LA, 01.06.15

Time Out Los Angeles: 5 New Workouts to Try in 2015

"Head to the legendary Roxy Theatre for a workout like no other. RockSweat Fitness classes don't feel like actual workouts. This is high-intensity interval training and yoga class led by a live DJ plus club-y lights, a booming sound system and visuals on the iconic live-music venue's dance floor. Get your sweat on with 50 other participants at this monthly fitness event on Saturday mornings at 9am. You'll want to check the website for the next class. Since it doesn't happen that often, use it as a way to shake up your boring exercise routine."

Ramona Saviss, Time Out Los Angeles, 12.16.14

Music Connection: Workout At The Roxy

The 45-minute full body workout includes everything from dance cardio to HIIT and Pilates core work, and every class features six minutes of yoga led by a guest instructor. This is not meant to replace other regimens, rather to supplement them and add some fun to your workouts.

Music Connection, 11.14.14

thisfitblonde: RockSweat Workout Review

"What I didn’t expect was how truly music-focused the entire workout was.  When we got there, the tunes were already pumping over the amazing Roxy sound system, and a screen onstage was playing images to match the music.  As soon as you walked in, it felt like a night club – but without the alcohol stink and sticky floors (they clean it up really well for this event!).
The workout kicked off with Guerrilla Radio and I was already hooked – the 1-minute HIIT intervals were killer ... all balanced out by a (still tough) core segment.
Even cooler?  During one of the cardio segments I was able to get up on stage and actually “demo” the workout with the instructors, which I of course loved."

thisfitblonde, 11.10.14

L.A. Parent: RockSweat at the Roxy

RockSweat is a new fitness concept perfect for a mom-teen daughter date developed by a music industry executive and a certified group trainer that merges the adrenaline rush of a killer workout with the one you get at a concert and takes place inside the historic Roxy Theatre on the Sunset Strip. 

L.A. Parent, 11.8.14

  Well + Good  on RockSweat at the Roxy in Los Angeles: "The bass in your chest is included in the price."

Well + Good on RockSweat at the Roxy in Los Angeles: "The bass in your chest is included in the price."

Well + Good: Los Angeles’ rock-n-roll fantasy workout at the Roxy

"RockSweat has the awesome effects of a [live] show, complete with lights, a big sound system, and that amazing feeling you get when you walk into a club and you feel the music in your bones."

—Rachel Marlowe, Well + Good, 10.14.14

The Chalkboard: Our 7 Fave Workout Trends for Fall Fitness

"Let’s face it: music can make or break your workout. The right tunes can make you zen during yoga, energized during spin – or ditch the gym mid guitar solo. We’re so happy that these new fitness classes are not only recognizing the power of the playlist, they’re putting music center stage. Just like the right mix can get you amped up for a party or help you wind down after a long day, these group classes are designed to put you in the mood for movement…and maybe even bring out your inner rock star."

— Katie Horwitch, The Chalkboard, 10.2.14

Live at The Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles Saturday mornings @ 9am.

Upcoming dates: January 10 & February 21

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